Enabling Impact at Scale

Gaiasoft works with consultancies, governments and global agencies to deliver policies and plans through thought leadership, innovation, implementation support and configurable platforms

Cities Alliance uses Gaiasoft for the Future Cities Africa Knowledge Platform

Cities Alliance, a part of UNOPS, uses Gaiasoft’s platform and process for knowledge sharing and learning, resulting in simplified programme oversight, better evidence, faster decision making, cost savings and scalable knowledge products.

World Bank Kenya uses Gaiasoft for Accountable Devolution Programme

World Bank Kenya and Council of Governors use Gaiasoft methodology and Knowledge Products to assist devolution with scalable tools.  These local government tools include quality posters, handbooks and elearning tools for cost effective capacity building and improved local implementation.  Meshwork Learning improves speed of uptake and capacity building.

DFID’s International Climate Fund uses Gaiasoft for Knowledge and Learning Platform

UK Department for International Development uses Gaiasoft platform to improve climate finance results reporting, knowledge sharing, analysis and learning from the £3.87 billion International Climate Fund.  Improved reporting includes climate finance Infographics for demonstrating spend and impact.

Plan & Policy Implementation

Ensure that policies and programmes are successfully implemented. Make programmes implementation-ready using MIDIR Methodology. Implement using Gaiasoft platform with Real-time M&E and in-course correction based on results.

Programme Learning

Learn from every objective implemented, every activity and every report collected. Programmes and policies learn and improve fast based on evidence: through careful information design, good process and the Gaiasoft Knowledge Platform.  Knowledge Products support multiple learner roles and profiles.

Large Scale Capacity Building

Build capacity on a massive scale using checklists, maturity models and Knowledge Products. Knowledge Products simplify the work. Programme implementers learn on the job through progressive elearnings. Programme designers receive feedback to improve policy based on evidence.

Gaiasoft for Value for Money, Speed and Scale in Meeting Global Needs

Climate change, resilience, economic development, urbanization and migration: every agency and government has its challenges. Work with Gaiasoft to achieve much more with much less. The need for effective practitioners and consultants is outstripping demand: there are simply not enough experts available. How can more be achieved by fewer people at less cost?

Consultancies, governments and agencies turn to Gaiasoft for a breakthrough in value for money: reducing cost of programme management, improving speed of learning and speed of implementation.

A volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

In a dynamic and changing world, policies, programmes and institutions must adapt and learn in real time to be relevant. Use Gaiasoft tools to implement programmes faster, to higher quality and scale with lower risk. Technology-based delivery achieves greater impact at a fraction of the cost – with real-time results reporting for peace of mind. Gaiasoft’s tools can be quickly and flexibly configured to meet the needs of any large scale programme.

Global institutions, consultants, national governments and cities around the globe trust Gaiasoft to support their implementation, learning and capacity building goals.

Get started to measurably improve value for money and impact with our free and confidential consultation and be ready to tackle the challenges of capacity, learning and results.

Gaiasoft Services on HMG G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

Find out about Gaiasoft services on UK Government's Digital Marketplace. All UK public sector organisations can use the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace to find people and technology for digital projects.

Knowledge Platform for Development by Gaiasoft

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT by Gaiasoft improves Value for Money (VfM) with efficiency savings, better results collection, evidence-based decisions, improved dissemination, capacity-building and scale-up. Suitable for monitoring and evaluation, performance management, knowledge management, continuous learning and scaling good practice to all cities, countries or all offices in a programme. Follows MIDIR principles.


  • Globally scalable, results collection, M&E, Performance Management, knowledge platforms
  • Data entered once: used by many stakeholders without re-keying/re-emailing
  • Dashboards, infographics, scorecards, interactive reports, SQL, Saiku
  • Capacity building, e-learning, guideance, handbooks, posters, videoclips
  • Supports logframe, results framework, theory of change meshwork
  • Combines results and analysis data with financial or ERP data
  • Streamlines M&E, reminders, secure login, data collection, reporting-window, validation
  • MIDIR methodology, data and evidence capture, knowledge capture, capacity-building
  • Templated, policy, resilience, sustainability, economic development, stabilisation, fragile states
  • Indicator libraries: ICF, SDGs, Paris Agreement, Green Climate Fund


  • Faster, more accurate and less time consuming results collection
  • Evidence capture and evidence-based decision making improves VfM
  • Improves accountability and reduces corruption through simple processes
  • Increase VfM with knowledge products to scale-up lessons learned
  • Politicians lead and demonstrate results to drive political success
  • Government officials use platform for development and service delivery
  • Maximise knowledge sharing and learning from global aid spending
  • Reduce cost of aid administration through capacity building of partners
  • Saves decision makers’ time with instant reporting and drill-down
  • Templates enable scaling across networks of cities, countries, posts

Advocacy by Gaiasoft

Advocacy manages the relationship issues and requests between government and stakeholders. Advocacy Manager builds collaboration and trust delivering results through efficient process. Streamlines flow of advocacy issues from sector, stakeholder and interest round tables. For business, civil society and other membership organisations, associations and coalitions, eg. environment, gender, youth etc.


  • Manages advocacy issues from multiple sources
  • Automates the steps for each advocacy issue and reports status
  • Each issue is owned with a requestor and a recipient
  • Simple access to filtered lists by ministry, requestor, recipient, etc
  • Seconds to add or update issues for use in meetings
  • Minutes for users to learn
  • Built-in best practice in web platform, process and meeting templates
  • Supports hundreds of multialteral and bilateral advocacy processes
  • Sophisticated options for administrators to support complex advocacy situations
  • Security and privacy between different participants advocacy participants


  • Simple, practical and proven reducing cost time and risk
  • Transformational for advocacy organisations – more results, less effort
  • Builds consensus, effectiveness and impact of advocacy coalitions
  • Engages senior politicians, officials and executives with attractive strategic scorecard
  • Improves breadth of engagement with secure, logged access by stakeholder
  • Saves time, improves accuracy/quality by streamlining or automating tasks
  • Works at global, country-to-country, national, city, community levels
  • Simple or complex: from multiple stakeholders to multiple governments
  • Simple-to-configure easy-to-use web platform. No programming

Gaiasoft's Beyond Overload; from too much information to actionable insight

Using G-Cloud Services to reduce information overload and improve effectiveness. Workshops and services enhance ability to access, assimilate, synthesise, and apply evidence and knowledge. Designing document templates for people and algorithms to use in evidence-based decision-making. Addresses accelerated-learning, online-speed reading, information design, instructional design, and data visualisation.


  • Speed-reading to access critical information for faster learning
  • Accelerated learning to retain information for re-use
  • The 80/20 principle used in learning to learn.
  • Design of information for human and algorithmic analysis.
  • Checklists, templates and self-assessments to capture and re-use knowledge.
  • Information-design: better document templates for M&E and learning
  • Using instructional design, multichannel content delivery and data visualisation.
  • Maturity Models to codify knowledge.
  • Knowledge Platforms and the Assess-Identify-Convene-Curate-Scale-up process
  • MIDIR methodology Knowledge Platforms for programmes that learn.


  • Overcomes the stress of information overload.
  • Expands effective “intelligence” and measurable productivity.
  • Faster, more effective processing of complex information for decision-making
  • More effective people working with more effective systems.
  • Cross-cutting savings from applying 80/20 principle.
  • Better informed evidence-based decision making improves VfM.
  • Maximise re-use and synthesis of valuable knowledge.
  • Reduce cost of administration and knowledge work through streamlining.
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act-Learn and Observe-Orient-Decide-Act processes.
  • Build capacity, learning and synergy across complex networked organisations

Initiative by Gaiasoft

INITIATIVE by Gaiasoft provides an online mechanism to multiply the impact of public investments and to improve the success of public private partnerships. The solution draws on Gaiasoft templates to provide • performance management • advocacy management • meshwork • and marketplace. The initiative is supported by relevant expertise.


  • Online system designed to grow and fund large-scale programs
  • Combines online services with a revenue-generating business model
  • Meshwork multiplies connections amongst participants
  • Performance by Gaiasoft system aligns and tracks goals amongst participants
  • Online marketplace with advertising shares transactions fees funding programs
  • Capabilities are delivered incrementally
  • Ideal user experience that is personal, accountable, transparent and inclusive
  • Underpinning system enables collaboration amongst government, business and social organizations


  • Increasing marketplace transactions generates more funding for programs
  • Individuals and companies can receive funding from for-profit marketplace
  • Marketplace becomes highly leveraged social change mechanism increasing impact
  • Diverse participants can work in alignment for increased impact
  • Entrepreneurs and innovators receive value and benefit the Initiative
  • Trust is expanded by transparency and accountability assurance features
  • Groups of organizations can act together without complex structures
  • As participants advance their goals, the larger purpose also benefits
  • Sharing the same infrastructure, multiple initiatives can easily collaborate

Meshwork Event Process — for learning and aligning

The Meshwork Process was developed by Gaiasoft in collaboration with Centre for Human Emergence Netherlands and the Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. A Meshwork Learning Process expands ambition beyond what is expected to consider what is needed.  A Meshwork Learning process creates breakthrough insight: an “earth from space” moment, when everyone “in the room” sees the whole, the system, of which they are a part. With a shared framework, people, knowledge and resources can self-organise to achieve a shared goal.